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1.76 to 1.7713 (Lua scripting support)

[1.76] LUA scripting added via a new block called the LUA Box.
[1.76] Corrupted blueprints in your consturctables folder will lo longer cause problems- and a pop up will alert you that they are corrupt.
[1.76] Heartstones are no longer perminently removed when destroyed- but in some game modes they cannot be repaired

[1.76] Some new 4m metal blocks added
[1.761] Confirm buton added for restarting vehicle designer
[1.761] Default LUA code written in LUABox

[1.761] Poster board and LUABox sync text over network
[1.761] Tab is remappable
[1.761] Unlocks (story missions) removed
[1.762] LUA: WeaponInfo.PlayerCurrentlyControllingIt added
[1.762] LUA: F8 saves and runs your code
[1.762] LUA: Missile Warning interface functions added
[1.762] LUA: Missile Guidance interface functions added (and a missile block to facilitate)
[1.762] LUA: Construct orientation interface functions added

[1.762] LUA: Thrust control functions added to interface
[1.763] Variable thrust thruster added for missiles
[1.763] LUA: GetTargetPositionInfoForPosition fixed
[1.763] LUA: ClearLogs() function added
[1.763] LUA: TargetInfo getting code won’t crash if target has died
[1.763] LUA: TimeSinceLaunch added to MissileWarningInfo structure
[1.763] Bug fix for Multiplayer so that changes to force selection in lobby is forwarded to new players when they join the server
[1.763] LUA: Hydrofoils added to adjustable component list
[1.763] LUA: Some more functions added for getting info about the construct, and terrain height
[1.763] LUA: LUA box didn’t save properly- you’ll see an error message but your LUA code will be copied to your clip board so you can put it back in and press SAVE.
[1.764] Thumper warhead for missiles added (kinetic kill)
[1.765] Some more LUA fixes and some fixes to missiles and the thumper warhead
[1.765] LUA: Complex controller style interface added for ‘pressing’ TGYHUJIKOLUpDownLeftRight
[1.766] NavalAI: Reversing ships should reverse properly now


[1.766] LUA: LUA library swapped for more powerful /faster replacement. Create function Update(I) end
[1.766] Added missile guidance delay slider in Missile Setup GUI

[1.77] slua LUA library now supports linux, Vector3, Quaternion and Mathf libraries added to LUA by default.
[1.77] A number of minor bug fixes
[1.77] Line numbers added to Lua Editor. Roughly correct to error messages.
[1.771] LUA:MissileWarningInfo and TargetInfo have Id field added (unique for each missile, target)
[1.771] Seagulls follow the player, not the camera
[1.771] LUA: Added shield projector to component interface

[1.771] LUA: BlockInfo structures retrievable through component interface

[1.771] LUA: BlockInfo structure enhanced with position relative to Center of mass, and local and global rotation quaternions

[1.771] LUA: Spin block interface added

[1.771] LUA: Sandboxing completed

[1.771] Fixed a double counting error regarding scores in qualification mode

[1.771] Fixed an issue with the auto sloping of wood

[1.771] New missions added and factions updated

[1.771] Bug fixed with the upload of planets to the workshop from folders containing more than one planet

[1.7711] LUA: math.randomseed added onto white list

[1.7711] LUA: .so file replaced with working one

[1.7712] LUA: getn added to table whitelist

[1.7712] Flayed soul vehicle improved for it’s use in story mission

[1.7713] More story missions added and newly added story missions tweaked



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