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What’s recently happened:

Huge updates to the planet editor to allow players to make richer campaigns, story mission and multiplayer maps. The custom cannon system has been updated to complement the advanced cannon system nicely. Vehicle physics have had an update and now drag is applied at the center of drag, rather than the center of mass. The game is now more playable than ever with the inclusion of a “building bar” similar to those seen in other RTS games- you can populate this building bar with all of your favourite designs. Localised resources add a new level of depth to the game as resource must be carried to the point of use using supply fleets. Fleet patrol loops have been added to make this easier to manage.


What’s planned for 2016.

Mod support is underway- allowing the inclusion and changing of all in game components, their textures, materials, meshes, stats and code. After that the focus will be on including new component sets including Steam and Nuclear engines and  AI faction strategic AI will get  an upgrade. Fire mechanics are also planned for inclusion in 2016 as well as a much greater level of multiplayer integration.


Patch Notes

Find the patch notes here. For pre August 2015 patch notes check the forum.


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  • (request) torpedo missile luacode June 28, 2017
    Im wondering if it is possible to write a lua code for missiles that are launched underwater forwards facing and then pop up over the surface to fly at a low altitude but still flying and not skimming the surface. And if this is possible can someone please write this lua code since i cant […]
  • [Complex Controls] Option to disable AI control on a per control block basis June 28, 2017
    It's something I think would be handy specially when builders are trying to make custom controls for their vehicles. A toggle box labeled "AI can control this block" for jet engines, tailplanes, rudders etc. I think building with complex controls and coming up with new ways to handle a vehicle's movement would benefit from having […]
  • Engine sound customization June 28, 2017
    Hello, for a long time I think of something useless for gameplay, but good for customization is being able to change the engine sound of a construct, someone who building a carburated engine can choose a carburated sound or someone who building a helicopter can choose a more turbo like sound. We could choose between […]
  • Darudan Dominion June 28, 2017
    Darudan Dominion [Eastern China] - Region 34 Capital: Konigsland [Hong Kong] Trade Capital: Ostland [Shanghai] 30000 Mass Dockyards: 1 Factories: 1 -History- With the Dutch gaining control of the East India Trade Company in the year 1800, their hold over the east strengthened. Enough so that ideals of expansion seemed within their reach. During the […]
  • [1.97 devtest] game launches as empty pink window June 28, 2017
    I tried uninstalling it through steam, then re downloaded it, did not help, non devtest runs fine.
  • [DevTest 1.971] Metal 3 slopes replaced with metal 3 beam June 28, 2017
    Started my game up with any constructable using Metal 3 slops replaced with Metal 3 beam and Metal 3 Slopes are being placed as 3 beams. Don't know how to recreate. Tried running "file integrity" just in case it was a file related   TEST 11.blueprint (Size: 161.68 KB / Downloads: 3)
  • Sailing Ships June 27, 2017
    Hey everybody, BlackEmperor here. Just wondering if somebody could build me a two deck ship-of-the-line armed with only simple weapons. i suck at building hulls or decent looking ships. please help a fellow member out!
  • UI screw up June 27, 2017
    Not sure if someone mentioned this but in the latest update you can't place the 3M slope block. when you select from the build list it just places the 3M beam and the only problem is with that variation for each block type, i found it out with the metal menu.
  • simpleweapons should deal damage to missiles June 27, 2017
    I was testing CIWS designs for my CV and found out they didn't do damage to missiles. Are they using a old code that's why?
  • [1.971 - devtest]Onyx Watch Easy Powder Antiques Craft June 27, 2017
    Hello there lore keepers, majyst, Just wanted to throw in that the easy craft, whom rely on APS guns like Meridian and such disassemble spectacularly in one hit. It is quite a chain reaction stripping the ship down way below 55%. I am myself probably not skilled enough to provide a fix for this, but […]