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What’s recently happened:

Huge updates to the planet editor to allow players to make richer campaigns, story mission and multiplayer maps. The custom cannon system has been updated to complement the advanced cannon system nicely. Vehicle physics have had an update and now drag is applied at the center of drag, rather than the center of mass. The game is now more playable than ever with the inclusion of a “building bar” similar to those seen in other RTS games- you can populate this building bar with all of your favourite designs. Localised resources add a new level of depth to the game as resource must be carried to the point of use using supply fleets. Fleet patrol loops have been added to make this easier to manage.


What’s planned for 2016.

Mod support is underway- allowing the inclusion and changing of all in game components, their textures, materials, meshes, stats and code. After that the focus will be on including new component sets including Steam and Nuclear engines and  AI faction strategic AI will get  an upgrade. Fire mechanics are also planned for inclusion in 2016 as well as a much greater level of multiplayer integration.


Patch Notes

Find the patch notes here. For pre August 2015 patch notes check the forum.


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  • Do certain acb commands stay in effect forever? August 22, 2017
    The propellers on my sub wont stop and I cant find any acbs that are causing them to stay active, I did remove an acb that set the desired speed to 1 but even with the ai dead, the propellers continue to aggravate me to the point where I started placing nukes all over my […]
  • Aishmail class destroyer August 22, 2017
    The Aishmail is a one-off super destroyer built for the Khertland navy to combine the roles of both the Adyl and Illustris class destroyers on to one platform. It also was used to test new technologies which inflated the price. The complexity in the hull construction, power plant, armaments, detection and high cost made it […]
  • Timed Fuses + Laser Targeter, How to? August 22, 2017
    Hey Team, I've got timed fuses in shells not being set by a connected laser targeter. You know, for flak round airbursting and such. The targeter tells me it isn't working because it doesn't have a target. The gun is firing at a target, what am I missing? Do I need some additional sensors in […]
  • Chronoshift Cap for adv. cannons. August 22, 2017
    Add a barrel part that guzzles a ton of energy, to advance time to just the shells that is fired, just when it gets out of the barrel, so that it could 'teleport' the shells further along in its flight path. It would still have the same inaccuracy/accuracy, and if the shells does not have […]
  • Game shuts off entire computer without warning August 22, 2017
    I've been having this problem for about a month or two and it's really cut into the amount of things I can do in the game from being afraid of losing building progress at an uncalled-for moment. It's the only game that this ever happens with, I've tested extensively with much more CPU and GPU […]
  • Way to calculate force per dedicated heliblade? August 22, 2017
    Hello. I have been tinkering a lot with helicopters lately, and I am trying to build a spreadsheet to calculate how much force my blades will produce at a given rate of rotation. I have looked at the equations at but I do not think they are complete, or that I am missing something. […]
  • Lord Tachanka August 22, 2017
    Our Comrade Tachanka has a special for you   Lord Tachanka.blueprint (Size: 41.76 KB / Downloads: 1)
  • My Thoughts on a Research System August 22, 2017
    In my mind, the best way would be to make certain things, lasers, custom jets, shields, ion thrusters, large props and large jets, PACs, 2+ meter racks and loaders, smoke, LUA blocks, complex controllers, PIDs, maybe ACBs, etc unavailable until you reach either a certain level, or progression in the campaign. Maybe, once you take […]
  • [2.02] Misile Active Radar One turn goes into water August 22, 2017
    Setup missile with variable thruster a one turn and active radar head on a vertical launch pad. Firing at target missile goes off at an angle and dives into water. Tried various length and settings. If I change head to IR then it starts off in target direction after launch which is normal previous behaviour. […]
  • RTG Rebalance August 22, 2017
    Recently, in 2.0, RTGs cost was halved. I was excited and happy for it, because most of my craft use RTGs and the cost is crazy expensive. I was also planning on building a huge vehicle that will serve as my flagship, and it would be RTG powered and fully self-sufficient. I noticed; however, that […]