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What’s recently happened:

Huge updates to the planet editor to allow players to make richer campaigns, story mission and multiplayer maps. The custom cannon system has been updated to complement the advanced cannon system nicely. Vehicle physics have had an update and now drag is applied at the center of drag, rather than the center of mass. The game is now more playable than ever with the inclusion of a “building bar” similar to those seen in other RTS games- you can populate this building bar with all of your favourite designs. Localised resources add a new level of depth to the game as resource must be carried to the point of use using supply fleets. Fleet patrol loops have been added to make this easier to manage.


What’s planned for 2016.

Mod support is underway- allowing the inclusion and changing of all in game components, their textures, materials, meshes, stats and code. After that the focus will be on including new component sets including Steam and Nuclear engines and  AI faction strategic AI will get  an upgrade. Fire mechanics are also planned for inclusion in 2016 as well as a much greater level of multiplayer integration.


Patch Notes

Find the patch notes here. For pre August 2015 patch notes check the forum.


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  • Problems with the tournament mod. June 20, 2018
    So I've subscribed to it from Steam, got it into the mods folder, got it enabled. It says 'Tournament\' missing key in 'plugin.json'. What does that mean? Do I need to enable something in the mod setup screen? And will it open up a menu button in the singleplayer screen once it's working properly?
  • Air Ship Brawl Tournament June 19, 2018
    There are three options for your airship. 1: 400k Resource airship with no sub vehicles. 2: 350k Resource airship with 50k Worth of subvehicles 3: 300k Resource airship with 100k worth of sub vehicles RESTRICTIONS 1: 150 limit on parts used with APS 2: 200 limit on parts used with Cram 3: 150 limit on […]
  • Manual Campaign installation & Download June 19, 2018
    Added are the files you need to set up the Campaign if you don't want to use the steam workshop. follow the instructions below. I do not know how manual setup works for Mac desktops, if someone could provide those instructions I will link to them. First, download this file:   Imperium Age of Sails and […]
  • Hollow point shells? Wa's the deal? June 19, 2018
    I just realised I never really gave hollow point caps much thought. In the past I would Always take AP+He or Composite+Frag wtih fuses, though I started using shaped charge, emp, HESH, etc more and in different configurations since 2.03 I never really designed a hollow point shell type though, since I didn't get their […]
  • Make balloon lift force derive from buoyancy scaler and not force scaler. June 19, 2018
    With regard to the game configuration settings, make the force applied by balloons be scaled only by the buoyancy slider (as with air / helium pumps) and not by the actual force slider. Or add a new slider for them.
  • Allow aim point selection to target only blocks above or below water June 19, 2018
    Exactly what it says on the tin. Add a slider or toggle on the aim point selection card, or possibly the local weapon controller, to make weapons target only blocks on the target above water or only targets below water. This would make anti-surface cannons a lot harder to spoof with semi-submarines that have usually […]
  • 2.16 unable to upload craft to workshop June 18, 2018
    Lately I have been having issues with uploading craft to the workshop. what would happen is that I fill out the fields that I normally would for uploading a craft in game, but when I hit send to would do the positive ding then the error sound within seconds. my ability to change the cover […]
  • Can't see players' loaded vehicles in multi June 18, 2018
    So I had always had the usual problems with FtD multi but after wiping my PC and reinstalling all steam games via copy/pasting a steamdirectory the recent times I've tried to do FTD multiplayer hasn't worked out. Anything somebody loads will simply show the message indicating it was spawned, but not appear. If I am […]
  • Testing new APS sounds June 18, 2018
    I attempted at making an updated sound mod. As you can see, low end APS sounds are limiting the high end APS values. I hope there can be something placed like a slider for which sound can be best suited for. An APS gauge sound range would be nice.
  • Modified Gotha, Shrike, and Felix Flieger (or something like that :D)! June 17, 2018
    I played a campture campaign, one where I only capture and reuse modified enemy designs, and got a couple Gothas, turning them into amazing combat planes and capture vehicles. I also started an OW campaign (Of Oil and Pirates), and decided to modify the DWG Shrike and Felix Flieger bombers to use there.   2018-06-17_17 57 […]