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2016-10-28, 01:59 PM
Post: #111
RE: Applications
Preferred Name: Virgil
Steam Profile URL:
Relevant Skills: Aesthetics
Previous Experience: SoTBS
Misc Information: Not Much
Desired Role: Build Stuff

Don't mind me, just a lurker.
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2016-10-28, 05:39 PM
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RE: Applications
I'm really confuzed but ok

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Join the Universal Supreme Alliance!
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2016-10-28, 10:18 PM
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RE: Applications
(2016-10-28 05:39 PM)A Lemming Wrote:  I'm really confuzed but ok

1: Why are you confused?
2: Why are you saying OK?
3: Why are either of us posting the the Syndicate's application subforum?

There is one way to destroy shadow: light. But light creates more shadow then it destroys...

Many think light is the fastest in the universe. But, wherever light goes, darkness got there first
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2016-10-29, 12:30 AM
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RE: Applications
Preferred Name: stalin
Steam Profile URL:
Relevant Skills: building wooden satalites and putin way to big of an cannon on everything
Previous Experience: overthrew trotski, Became a communist dictator
Misc Information: Jerked off 831,917 times
Desired Role: General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and main comunist dictator

Once depressed always depressed!
i might have smonked da weed and be stoned of my ass

stallin Stalin stallin Stalin
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2017-01-10, 09:13 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-01-10 09:16 AM by Champion Of Sparta.)
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RE: Applications
Preferred Name: Gorguts Destroya of Worlds!!!
Steam Profile URL: ChampionOfSparta
Relevant Skills: Buldin Tanks wid lot of Dakka, an paintin em red.
Previous Experience: Yas, nut one in dis game dogh.
Misc Information: Gork an Mork disprove of da devidce culled sheilds. An I like da pant theengs righ't n proppa. Gorgutz aldo hate thrustas too, nod proppa for da tanks.
Desired Role: Build da biggast of DAKKA TANKS.

"Dem Inquisishun humies can't be trusted any further dan day can be thrown, which in dat one's case might be a bad example."
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2017-09-02, 08:00 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-09-02 08:05 AM by Bacillus.)
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RE: Applications

Preferred name: bascillus (bassy, if you like)

Steam profile URL:

Relevant skills:
-futuristic/"stealthy" shaping for all vehicles.

-internalizing/maximizing performance of many components which are normally left exposed or used with less than optimal efficiency i.e.: detection
Systems, shields.

-airships are my main interest but I'm also skilled at helping to balance and optimize movement of ships as well as airplanes, and hovercraft.( I can make anything a foilcraft, lol.)

-providing "curvy" or semi-organic exteriors that give off the "living ship" vibe.

Previous experience: im in YMTS<haifuri clan in world of warships as a junior officer, mod, and a recruiter.

Misc info: i build and run my own "faction" in a personal canon. If anyone is familiar with the 40k universe. My faction
Would be a cross between tyranids, and eldar constructs. They are a faction of sentient ai that, while the largest AI' (the "hub", "god", "master" AI) is incredibly complex and intelligent and has a definitive plan in mind, the smallest are little more complex than a dogs mind, with localized intelligence increasing in the larger constructs to that of several strategic geniuses of other factions in the largest. But each mind lends logic and memory bandwidth to the overall "hub" ai and ultimately receives its directives from it.

The hub says "consume that planet", the interstellar minds construct the overall plan, the largest fortress constructs determine the planetary combat plan, the largest air, land, and sea ships take on the roles of generals of sectors within their specific sphere of combat, and on down the line until the smallest scout vessels which are little more than very smart canines, capable of basic combat and ambush tactics but little else.

My constructs tend to have a look close to eldar constructs, almost "living" as if they were giant insects or, perhaps picture what a wraithlord might look like as a boat. The larger ones tend to resemble a cross between a tyranid Titan and an eldar ship with a lot of resemblance to hulking monsters with "eyes" that are sensor pods.

So i can help anyone who wants guidance on how to achieve that affect or help with getting that look. I can also help with achieving a "stealthy" faceted look and I'm pretty good at optimizing a ship to be as smooth as possible while having no "wasted space" that serves no purpose. I chose this clan because of its emphasis on autonomy and cooperation.

Desired role: sleek vehicles, helping anyone who wants that look, designing airships, optimizing components for players who want help. Position of supreme "hub" mind of my own faction and director of my (sub)faction.
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2017-09-02, 09:52 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-09-02 05:21 PM by Normal69.)
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RE: Applications
?Computational error, link does not exists? ---> the clan is no more, discord link works.
"Please be aware of our code of conduct before submitting an application:"

Preferred Name: Normal69
Steam Profile URL:
Relevant Skills: building units everybody tells won't work well, low energy, support, high ammo, all terrain
Previous Experience: no clans yet, some gaming group, youtube group, admining minecraft servers
Misc Information: I am Normal
Desired Role: refer to the error above, I don't know what is the clan about, just like clanning - maybe logic inquisitor, destroying what does not fit into the doctrine

From the Depths english playlist starts here, before that it's hungarian:

"Why did you reposted your question, there is a thread for that already"
"Why didn't you made a new topic, instead necroing this one"
Humanz Wink
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