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[SD] Dimension (heavy update )
2018-02-01, 03:36 PM (This post was last modified: Today 05:29 PM by Xalinsky.)
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[SD] Dimension (heavy update )
A FBT craft, keep 1500m distance with clockwise movement (not quick with 24m/s ) but enough to avoid some hit. (are they called Orbiter?)

2/24 Edit :
it's different from the past. (with looking) Big Grin

Cost: 365,416
Block: 9657
Volume: 18430.46 (Length: 84, Wideth: 47, Height: 14)
max speed 110m/s (backward 35m/s , sideway 24m/s), if enemy in 5000 range, forward speed down to 77m/s

1x front 500mm heat none-clip APS 90rpm (full speed all time)
2x 88mm frag APS 900rpm (2min. full speed, 30 second reload)
2x 88mm sabot APS 900rpm (2min. full speed, 30 second reload)

26 front shield with strength 5~8 reflect, 4 back shield strength 2
Lot of heavy armor actually can took 3 full wave of Event Horizon attack before falling

can manual control forward (G or U), backward (J), left (H), right (K)




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.blueprint  Dimension v3.blueprint (Size: 518.51 KB / Downloads: 0)
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2018-02-02, 05:22 AM
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RE: [SD] Dimension
Welcome to the forums, sorry I didn't offer that back when I answered the question you had before.

There's no harm in not having known this since you're new, but the procedure for offering new units for incorporation into a faction is to be done through the submissions sub-forum, which I have moved this thread to. The evaluation sections of the individual faction sub-forums are basically defunct, having served to provide more orderly processing of designs when we needed space to do so and had numerous KotL dedicated to particular factions.

With that out of the way, this is a fairly good looking design for someone who's rather new. It has more than a few of the right elements of an SD design, but still lacks in quite a few areas that are important to defining it within SD. Current guidelines state there are 4 sub-faction styles to follow. Of these styles this design is capable of fitting into Rapid Assault or Heavy Onslaught. The hull shape clearly indicates a Rapid Assault unit, but I understand that this is supposed to be a forward broadsider, which is more of a Heavy Onslaught feature. I suppose I can't really throw stones on that front though since I have a Rapid Assault unit in the game that does the same thing. Aside from that incongruity, the hull feels too straight in many places with an overall generic shape. The unpainted HA sections make it feel unfinished, which it certainly could be.

Moving on from aesthetics, the armament is very limited, relying entirely on APS. This renders it easily countered. Majyst makes a policy of keeping faction units within at least 1300m if they backpeddle as forward broadsiders are meant to, so that would have to be reduced. Being protected by only 6 shields would leave it terribly vulnerable to flanking that can occur at the start of combat when players position their units, and the forward fixed guns offer little chance to fire back in those cases.

To conclude this essay that I'm sorry to have put upon you, submissions are currently closed for SD. That means we aren't actively looking for anything and are satisfied with our current units. During these periods we have been known to take in designs of impeccable quality that succeed in meeting (or even surpassing) faction standards aesthetically and functionally. This means that acceptance of submissions is never truly closed, just that the bar gets raised a lot for long stretches of time. My apologies for any disappointment, but I cannot see this unit being used as an asset for the game without significant changes. As I said before though, this is a good looking design for a new player, I hope to see you grow.
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2018-02-11, 06:12 AM (This post was last modified: 2018-02-11 06:13 AM by Xalinsky.)
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RE: [SD] Dimension
(2018-02-02 05:22 AM)Vorpalim Wrote:  As I said before though, this is a good looking design for a new player, I hope to see you grow.

Ah , I am really sorry about that I didn't understand where I should post where I shouldn't...And I thought this thread been deleted...

And thank you for your encourage Smile
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