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[WIP] Updated design guidelines for QfN AI vehicles
2017-12-20, 09:48 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-12-26 07:54 PM by Hikari.)
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[WIP] Updated design guidelines for QfN AI vehicles
Important: This post is purely here to publish and archive the design rules all vehicles in the QfN campaign must abide by. Do not mistake this as endorsement to put new vehicles up for proposal if they have not been expressly requested by the campaign designer or the kotl's at this time.

General requirements: This covers all vehicles in the game. All vehicles in the game must adhere to this set of rules before their own faction related guidelines.

- Be functional. Obvious, but the candidate vehicle must work as a proper fighting unit, unless its role is support, like a cargo ship.

- Be fully completed. We can give advice on how to complete a work in progress, but we can't pick up an incomplete work and finish it for you.

- Be built with beams to minimize the block count. Do not use piles of cubes blocks where you could use 2m, 3m, and 4m beams.

- Use the actual fleet colour channels for the faction you are building for. The fleet colours are designated as "Fleet primary", "Fleet secondary", "Fleet trim" and "Fleet detail" in the preset colour set.

- The block count soft cap for the "Quest for Neter" campaign is 10000 blocks. This rule is flexible but we are very weary of block inflation as too many blocks on screen can affect the game's performance.

- All vehicles should be equipped with a minimum of one chair, vehicle controller and fire control computer so the player is able to take control of the unit if he wishes to. If a custom controller is used, remember to properly assign your key input to the relevant part of the vehicle. The "cockpit" can be anywhere on the craft, even if it is inaccessible from the outside. (Note: however, I want to say that I personally make extra efforts to always make the cockpit accessible through a door, or a hole in the hull, and provide enough space so the player never gets stuck).

- All vehicle must be fitted with resource containers (no definitive amount, as long as the unit can function properly), a minimum of 15 minutes worth of fuel with the engines at full throttle, enough ammo storage and ammunition processors to guarantee a steady flow of ammunition to all the weapons at once (unless the unit is a drone that relies on a tender ship like the DWG Supertweeties and the Barracuda), and finally a heart stone with enough extensions to cover the block count of the vehicle.

- Resource sharing must be properly enabled. Neter units usually use channel 1.

- Units are allowed a maximum of 3 AI mainframes, no more. All 3 must be cross linked with the AI card set via wireless. The AI set must incorporate at least 1 navigation card (sea, air, land, fortress), 1 target prioritisation card, 1 wireless snooper, 1 intra-vehicle transmitter and enough additional processing cards to cover the demand of 100% of the sensors. In addition you are encouraged to paint ACBs and shields hidden inside the hull in bright colour to make them easy to identify for the maintenance crew. (As a convention, we use bright green for ACBs and bright pink for shields. Disregard if the shields are visible from the outside).

- Obsolete blocks that are no longer listed in the build inventory, like old engine parts, old fuel processors, old fuel exchange pump, etc, must be removed.

- Repair drone blocks are banned across the board. Repair tentacles are allowed if the unit mission requires them (support/repair/production of sub-vehicles) or if the faction doctrines require them, like the Twin Guards).

- For the sake of easing the work of the kotl, please save the vehicle when it is moving at full speed, as this is the recorded speed that will be used when the vehicle moves out of play on the campaign map. Also, do not forget to set the vehicle to its proper type on the movement screen. Make sure you pick the correct one (Land vehicle, air vehicle, multi terrain vehicle, ship vehicle).

- The following practices are considered illegal and are not tolerated:
* Excessive use of spinblocks to stack thrusters and armor panels, or large objects in small spaces they shouldn't fit in.
* "Repair pills" enclosed inside the hull of the ship for self-healing.
* Sensors mounted on turrets inside the hull that can see through it when they should logically be unable to see anything.
* Self-smoke cannons. Use proper smoke dispensers instead.
* LUA scripts, in any form and quantity. The kotl are not all acquainted with LUA script, which makes units using LUA impossible to fix should they break down after a game update.
* Any ship that deliberately move beyond 2km from the enemy target.
* Any ship that deliberately enters zero gravity space above 1km in altitude. (the one exception being SD satellites, and we are are exercising extreme scrutiny on these types of craft).
* Designs that infringe on copyrights are banned. Forget about the Enterprise from Star Trek or a Star Wars star destroyer.
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