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[SS] Banshee (Regular{30 FP})
2017-12-06, 05:23 PM
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[SS] Banshee (Regular{30 FP})
Created by Eagle, implemented v2.03

Blocks: 2317

Lore: TBA

Agile for a ship
Full Interior

Some Worker Safety code violations with areas easy to trip by crew or bang heads.
Engine is below crew without a door, venting the heat into the crew making it unpleasant to work.
Aimpoint card would help target its ammo that would instantly disable its movement.

Class: Stealth Corvette
Primary role: Stealth interdiction, naval support
Cost: 42668

L: 71 m
W: 13 m
H: 15 m
T: 1023T
V: 4797
Top speed: 18 m/s
Power: One fuel engine providing 600 power. Four Nuclear Reactors providing 300

Fuel use /s
At cruise: None
At full load: 0,9
Fuel efficiency: N/A m/l
Fuel reserve: 24000
Range: Unlimited
Combat duration: X min

Weapon loadout:
Main guns: One turret, 3x80mm, 60 RPM Frag rounds
Missiles: Twenty-four MR-L6 G/ATG 80/2800 missiles in two VLMS
Six MR-L5 G/ATA 160/1200 missiles in one VLMS
Torpedoes: Ten T-L6 66/3000 torpedoes.

Hull: 1m alloy, 1m metal
Deck: 1m alloy
Superstructure: 1m alloy
Defensive systems: LAMS
Four Flare dispensers
Smoke canisters
Two anti torpedo torpedoes
Two sonar bouy launchers

Strong against: small to medium ships and submarines
Weak against: Aerial units, large vessels.
Defenceless against: None
STS CES: 60,01 / 75,02

[Image: banshee.jpg]
[Image: banshee_2.jpg]
[Image: banshee_3.jpg]
[Image: banshee_4.jpg]
[Image: spectre_5.jpg]

If thread is cancer, run awey quik and let dem otder pepple deep wit it.
-Lemming 2k16 (Inner grammar Nazi intensifies)
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