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Armoring ideas
2017-11-19, 02:05 PM
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RE: Armoring ideas
Some pics of my newest idle building project, a moderately well protected (to me) cruiser. I'm not really happy with the deck armor (1m metal) but I'd have to re-design an APS turret with a longer 'neck' to make a major change there.

There is, however, a layer of metal on the turret workings below deck and a modest turret 'cap'. The sides have a good air gap (buoyancy and HEAT/HESH protection). Metal/Wood on the outer layer, with Stone/Metal/Wood for the inner belt. The 3M turret base is arrange to where it rests on six 4M metal beams to minimize the chance of loosing the turret through having it's supporting blocks blown out from under it.

Ammo is in a separate 'box' between the two forward turrets and inside the main armor, but far enough way from either so as not to take out either turret if it does get hit.

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(Is in your ship, stealing your turrets!)

Mods/extra blocks

After Cataclysm (and the separate 'railings' mod as well)
Dynamic Kinetics Simple Re-skin (armored glass)
Wrought Iron Armor
Structural Foam
More Corners 0.3
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