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Adventure trials
2017-11-10, 07:48 PM
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RE: Adventure trials
The way I've played my adventures is just expanding the hull by 2m height and width and 8m length. It provides surprisingly much more inside room and lets me redo most of the systems. I have gotten pretty far like that without getting bored until I got to where far too few enemies spawned and I got distracted by campaign.

2000mm HE dakka enthusiast.
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2017-11-18, 11:17 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-11-18 11:20 AM by GerJS.)
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RE: Adventure trials
That's one thing I'm reluctant to do. Because a wider hull would mean reshaping the bow and heck which means spending time on things I don't enjoy. Work and the runup to christmas devour time as other activities. I have some ideas though how I could expand with what I got. But that's for next time.

Time since entering plane: 1h 20min
On the way to a rescource zone, modified my torpedos ballast tanks to -37 altitude, manual fired them at the Tribolyte and killed it. A Falkenheim (DWG) spawns far away. A star dust (SD) closer. Much closer
[Image: 2017-11-17_16594464j03.jpg]
Dropping mines and ripping through my wooden hull, this flyby luckily was its last as the big heck gun obliterated its back thrusters

[Image: 2017-11-17_202310zdjg3.jpg]
Just a sitting duck now.
Also added 12 simple large cannons to either side because... I don't know. I just like them and they may provide some close range damage

The Falkenheim comes into range and its drones start their attack run but get onehotted by the front gun
[Image: 2017-11-17_202402wnk90.jpg]

While the big heck gun does what it does best: big holes
[Image: 2017-11-17_2024489lkrp.jpg]

Time since entering plane: 1h 32min
Baby Paddlegun (DWG) spawns but gets sunk in long range fire

Time since entering plane: 1h 45min
A Tribolyte (TG) again... but a small configuration of the torpedos and that's over too.
A Casket bolt (DWG) spawns, you know how it goes.

Time since entering plane: 1h 48min
First Laser craft; a Nike (LH)
I prefab a laser warners, smoke dispensers combo and distribute it all over the ship which
helped immensely
In the meantime I added the 400mm Mortar gun from the last adventure overlooking the others (Shell 1 1/2 block -> 3 Modules like 1 Gunpowder, inertial fuse (6°) and HE head
[Image: 2017-11-17_210105mfk1r.jpg]
Also set aiming restrictions on all the guns

Time since entering plane: 1h 59min
Accumulated some 10k material and prepare to jump through a blue gate, downing a Gotha (DWG) on the way there.
Spent 30mins on the building plane, pondering what to add.
Decided to deepen the pontons and adding mid-long range Frag missiles
[Image: 2017-11-17_2148360lj3y.jpg]
[Image: 2017-11-17_232303hvkyu.jpg]
Also 6 more Torpedos, some detection and jumped out
Entering Warp difficulty 1.43
Time since entering plane: 1:42 min
A Lance (OW) charges but faces unexpected resistance
[Image: 2017-11-17_215345eakf0.jpg]

Time since entering plane: 7:26 min - 21 min
Stinger (WF), Eternal (TG), Marauder (DWG) perish
I visit the designer to try myself at building a CIWS-gun again but failing to to do so
Either it is to small and it doesn't has the damage to destroy the incoming missiles or it is to big and turns to slow to track the missiles. Thought about area-of-denial-flak to but this also would destroy my missiles too.

So I installed some LAMS from which I know atleast how it works.
Deleted the fuel engine, switched to RTGs. Electric Engine provides stable 5200 Power now for the LAMS
[Image: 2017-11-17_2313016fjyl.jpg]
Left the plane at 32 min
Entering Warp difficulty 1.57
Time since entering plane: 1:8 min
A Defiant (OW) decides to visit but is sent flying by subsequent explosions
I install munition warners because I forgot them... again; and logged off

Next up: Jumping gates and expanding the hull. It's really cramped now. Shipcost is at ~50k now.

Confirmed Kills:
Flying squirrel
Tribolyte x2
Falkenheim + Drones

Some may know me as the most boring, consistent person on the planet, others as the most irritating erratic. But I... who the hell is that voice in my head?!
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2017-11-19, 08:38 PM
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RE: Adventure trials
Using the Pre-Fabs like a pro Very Nice.
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