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[DWG] Frantic Chicken
2017-09-15, 05:31 PM
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RE: [DWG] Frantic Chicken
(2017-09-15 08:36 AM)majyst Wrote:  Alright HaliBURD, persitance of KoTL enthusiasm has convinced me to add the Frantic Chicken as its own design. Fun Design, so worth it.

I gave it a final check to see what its strength is, and decided it fits best in regular difficulty. However, I had to remove the front shield for that.

It is now part of Pirate Lord Rikers fleet, and will only spawn with his fleet (many designs spawn in more than one Lords fleet)

20 FPs

[Image: 5ea9a0a7ba.png]

Wow, didn't expect my derpy little chicken to get in THIS fast. For future updating/refinement reference, I assume you took Karbengos painted updated version?

^ *Has a serious problem when it comes to building.... Can never bother to change out of the wood building blocks*
Also loves making things fly..... Even if they really shouldn`t.
Makes the dirtiest, grimiest, Cringeworthy ship related puns ever.
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