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[OW] New Design Request: Easy Sailship
2017-09-23, 06:05 PM
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RE: [OW] New Design Request: Easy Sailship
Well, I finished the paintjob, and redid the rear. Not entirely happy with how the rear turned out, but I'm out of ideas anyway - Also not entirely finished. Top room still needs an interiour, and the deck is kinda empty too. Just not sure what to add there, allthough 2/4 more cannons for the sides might work.


Fixed one row of cannons hitting the 1m-slopes above them. Limited to 11° elevation now. Some mast parts were turned into beams.
Cannot sustain fire on one full broadside - will be able to fire for quite a while, but run out of ammo at some point (estimated 16 salvos). Might be fine for an easy design, but may not look as cool if it's not fireing full broadside (allthough it really shouldn't survive that long, or not with all guns).

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