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Ships sinking and Turrets popping
2017-08-02, 03:25 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-08-02 03:29 AM by Veroxeon.)
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Ships sinking and Turrets popping
I seem to be noticing a lot a VERY large air pockets in all the factions ships I get it making air pockets too small and armored would either sink the ship from the get go or make it VERY hard to sink but still looking at say something like the thyr its air pockets are so massive 1 small hole could list the ship by a few degrees now I am a fan of the idea that ships should be able to sink but I feel as if ships sink too fast and don't make the excuse that it would raise block count I mean how much can a few walls here and there really add. also if it isn't too much of an issue please fix turrets being popped from 1 HE shells landing in a place where it shouldn't even be able to hit autoloaders see I have a turret ring that's covered in armor say a standard 5 by 5 turret ring I have 3 sections of armor protected the area 1 layer protects the autoloaders so armor layer A then a 3 by 3 armor section which protects the cooling vent tubs that go from the autoloader to the turret Layer B and Layer C covers Layer A and leaves a 3 by 3 hole for Layer B to go through Now on top of it is the turret no holes leading into the autoloader section but even then if a HE shell lands right between layer C and the turret section for some reason HE particles or frags somehow go into the autoloader section and blow up the whole turret even though there's not a gap between the turret ring and the turret block it makes no sense at all and it really pisses me off when my turrets blow up due to 1 high caliber HE shell landing near it. Sigh* I know the last part of my rant wasn't related to factions but I might as well put it in as I'm on the subject of ships sinking way too fast.
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2017-08-02, 03:46 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-08-02 03:47 AM by Gladyon.)
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RE: Ships sinking and Turrets popping
Even if you shut down all the air pumps, the Thyr will not sink, even one meter.
It has a large number of propellers to stabilize it and to keep its altitude.

About the turrets popping due to explosions going through walls, that's a long standing problem in FtD.
If you want a fix, you should install the SpinBlocksMadness mod.
It provides some features related to SubConstructs, including a fix for the explosions not working well with SubConstructs.

[edit] Also, please try to format a bit your posts in the future, it's very hard to read as it is.
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2017-08-02, 07:55 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-08-02 07:55 AM by Tyr3n.)
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RE: Ships sinking and Turrets popping
Where are the commas and periods at? This hurts to read, seriously.

And additionally, this shouldn't go into the faction subforum. This is more a "General Discussion" thing.

Gladyon pretty much answered your stuff, and yeah, he wrote a fix for that.

I think it will take some time until Nick gets around to fix it himself, he kind of has got his hands full.

Gladyon for Dev! Big Grin
(2017-06-19 03:02 PM)Guaibee Wrote:  Every once in a while I see a surge of replies on multiple threads from the same person...
spooling up reply surge...
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