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Arkh's Design & Development Steps with (slight) Scientific Method
2017-07-31, 05:51 PM (This post was last modified: 2017-07-31 06:12 PM by magma8520.)
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Arkh's Design & Development Steps with (slight) Scientific Method
Ever wondered what went wrong with your design after hours of labor? Can't find the source of that one little problem? Frustrated and confused over your design's progress? then this guide is for you!

There is 4 main steps of "Development" and 2 secondary steps after that:

-Main Steps:

-Secondary Steps:
We will go thorough these steps as explained below:

1. Experiment the concept using minimal blocks required (i.e an engine, controls and the proposed concept system, etc), then decides on the feasibility of the concept, if the concept is unsound, then further modification is needed, perhaps move the center of balance? or perhaps move certain point of an output somewhere? do various experiment to the Experimental-Model until you get it right.

2. If it proven to be feasible, then make a working Prototype, a non-armored frame but had all the system needed like AI and ammo perhaps, see if the altered balance due the frame affect the initial draft or not, if it is, then back to the first step, It is also often for the prototype to perform better than latter production types due un-optimized and less weight/complexity in the design.

3. Complete the prototype into a Test-type, this includes armoring and details, yet again see if the armoring unbalance the project and adjust proportionally, a test version need to be able to function the bare minimum of its parameter test set by the initial goals of the project, this is important for the cost-benefit analysis in the next step.

4. If the Test-type works to your specification then you have various way you could go, Among other things are to optimize the Test-type and tune it so it could be as effective as further a possible with the most efficient cost, this is called Production-type, which may or may not need its parameter re-adjusted, skip step 5&6 if this is your end goal.

5.Other thing you could do is to use what you have learnt to make something bigger and perhaps better design, this is called Super-prototype, and it will be quicker and easier to build and experiment, because you already knew the system in and out as well the underlying principles, if you do this then go back to step 2 for the new project, Do note that a super-prototype doesnt mean a really strong design, that just means the product you have now is a prototype for a better design.

6.After all the steps prior to this are completed, it is time to advertise the design you just made, you may skip this step if may inclined. A design made just for advertisement are called Propaganda-model, which may or may not had its combat parameter or even essential parts removed, some even added superfluously in the intention of making the design "looks better" and aesthetically pleasing.
Profit! However, remember to NEVER "improve" on a "good" design, it will make it WORSE, if you insist on "improving" it, then repeat to step 2 instead of modifying the end product.

Of course you may declare this piece of guide a trash, I don't mind either way, had fun writing it, enjoy.

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2017-07-31, 08:28 PM
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RE: Arkh's Design & Development Steps with (slight) Scientific Method
You should always try to improve your constructables, but create a new save for each of the different alterations. Trying to improve or to rework an already finished design might cause errors to occure, but said errors will ultimately help you to find out about what works well and what just doesn't work. Aside of that, there's still the possibility that you might be able to find a tweak that makes the design truly great, or helps you realise that another frame/gun/compartement setup would improve the performance tremendeously.

Not to revisit older/finished or already satisfyingly good desgins at all is an ill advice.
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