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[GT] Ascension replacement
2017-07-06, 05:07 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-07-18 02:19 AM by Vorpalim.)
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[GT] Ascension replacement
While I would have been content to just update the old Ascension like I did for every other GT design, I was told by the mighty overlords to not bother as they wanted it replaced anyway. Gaiaphage eventually started work on a hull and I waited for it to be finished. I then got tired of waiting and badgered him for the WIP BP which he graciously provided. Main flight deck, hangar, bridge, towers, frontal guns, exterior rotors, and back fins were made by Gaia while I filled out the bottom, stuffed the hull with fiddly bits and added some AA guns to the back. Dread also had a hand in adding the full tank and catapult contraption to the flight deck to help make it look busier. It remains as a Foreboding unit in the Ascension-style which its predecessor codified, so it's a flying runway. This design performs strafing runs to some extent rather than being a frontal broadsider and flies at 250m. It comes with four SRF units which have been set to occupy different altitudes from each other so as to minimize the risk of collisions, and each one is equipped with two repair tentacles so that they can repair some damage. The Ascension also has a few tentacles too.

  • Two top mount 500mm APS with ejectors
  • 4 bottom mounted 2000mm CRAM cannons with inertial and pendepth fuses
  • ten frag missiles
  • one 36mm AP machinegun
  • Two top mounted 54mm timed frag AA machinegun nests in the back
  • The four SRFs

  • A small 0Q LAMS system
  • smoke nodes placed near functional components
  • strategically placed HA
  • Potential repair from the SRFs

Note that there is no shielding. Putting some in while hiding the projectors from view was going to be a hassle, and this thing is a regular design, no need to go overboard.

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2017-07-06, 09:07 AM
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RE: [GT] Ascension replacement
I will take inspiration from that. Sky Carrier +1 Big Grin

Gladyon for Dev! Big Grin
(2017-06-19 03:02 PM)Guaibee Wrote:  Every once in a while I see a surge of replies on multiple threads from the same person...
spooling up reply surge...
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