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Realism or Fantasy (Natural/Supernatural elements ?)
2017-04-13, 07:10 AM
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RE: Realism or Fantasy (Natural/Supernatural elements ?)
a water plant keeps these islands afloat by producing floatiness through gas filled chambers? Sounds realistic enough.

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2017-04-13, 02:49 PM
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RE: Realism or Fantasy (Natural/Supernatural elements ?)
It's not totally impossible, there's even a book on it

And a wiki.

Admittedly the usual occurrence is likely weaker than Nick proposes, or less useful, yet it definitely seems grounded in reality.

So floating islands of floating material, or somehow producing gas to keep themselves afloat (living island of small organisms that feed off the plantlife that develops there, creating a cycle maybe? ) is somewhere within the realms of the possible, although pushed a bit further into a slightly fantasy area

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2017-04-13, 06:00 PM (This post was last modified: 2017-04-13 06:09 PM by Supercowswag.)
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RE: Realism or Fantasy (Natural/Supernatural elements ?)
(2017-02-18 12:22 AM)killedalive Wrote:  
(2017-02-17 10:56 PM)mrvecz Wrote:  
(2017-02-17 10:31 PM)killedalive Wrote:  How about Pirates that are also werewolves or vampires? Roving bands of cursed men and women with the potential to bring ruin to your civ. perhaps such a catastrophic even has turned the world topsy turvy and made the magical become reality?


Drowned mutants who will assault your vessels and the crew

Might as well have werewolves and vampires and the like. Perhaps it could be like an "Alien" moment where a secret vampire feeds on your crew in the dark of night. Pehaps, you give into the lycanthopy or vampirisim and have an all werewolf or vampire crew, taking daring night raids and adding all sorts of combat bonuses for your crew! (and drawbacks). It's gonna be hard to get umbrellas for all of your crew, that is...
That would be enough turn Forgotten Shores into FTD + Dwarf Fortress

It already sounds alot like Dwarf fortress, similar fantasy mixed with science and industry at your disposal.

Then you have the 2nd front line idea that nick had where you have the void to mine voidstone in, in Dwarf fortress you would have the underground as a second front line where you would mine while being cautious of the terrible things that would come for you...

I honestly think Forgotten shores will get very far once nick gets his full attention into it after FTD is done.
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2017-04-14, 01:53 AM
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RE: Realism or Fantasy (Natural/Supernatural elements ?)
What would be cool is if it was realistic but fantasy monsters of legends in the early days of sail were real and live on to the present and future

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2017-04-20, 04:00 AM
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RE: Realism or Fantasy (Natural/Supernatural elements ?)
As a contributor the After Cataclysm, and a member of Anmeberry Accord, i lie heavily in the camp of realistic building and design. I'm sad to see FS veering away from such things, as i was to see the often nonsensical things in FTD's campaign. (Hence why out of my 950 hours in FTD, i have spent 900 of them in the Designer.) Especially considering how much better FS appears to handle everything from actual armour thickness to actual crew.

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2017-04-21, 02:36 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-04-21 02:38 AM by Morrigi.)
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RE: Realism or Fantasy (Natural/Supernatural elements ?)
Personally, I'm in favor of something comparable to the currently planned levels of realism in FS, but with some cosmic horror thrown in for good measure. Sea monsters, ships crewed by madmen, mutants (I want to fight fish-men, Lamb it!), and occasionally completely inhuman beings would be highly interesting. Ghost ships, of mundane or completely bizarre construction could appear, netting the player's civilization resources and perhaps madness. There could even be ruins sunk beneath the waves, and perhaps one of the civilizations that created them accidentally created the current state of affairs by flooding the world not only with water, but creatures that should not have been disturbed.

After all, since the plane of existence is being fought over by awakened supernatural entities, many might well be hostile to the human notions of life and sanity, preferring their own instead. With victory, a measure of balance would be returned to the world.

With DLC, perhaps one could play as the baddies. (I want to play as a god commanding fish-men, Lamb it!)

In my opinion, generic fantasy is over-done. Things need to be spiced up a bit.

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2017-05-11, 07:38 PM
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RE: Realism or Fantasy (Natural/Supernatural elements ?)
I think most realistic builders, (atleast when building realistically) pay no attention to the campaign- the fun, atleast for me is in the building. To me, the realism of the mechanics and building is more important than the immersion realism of the campaign, and if its mechanically realistic, alot of us will be happy. So far, it looks very promising on that front, but if fantasy elements take over the design and building completely, alot of us would be less keen on the game.

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