Poll: My feeling on the multiplayer (in it's current state) is....
It's extremely important to me
It's very important to me - please leave it alone
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I'd be happy to see it traded for single player content and polish
I don't use it or very seldom use it
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2017-12-21, 03:42 PM
Post: #211
RE: Multiplayer
I think that games board games like Axis and Allies and Risk need multiplayer.

Oh, wait, they do. I just have no friends to play it with.... Hello darkness my old friend...

2000mm HE dakka enthusiast.
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2017-12-25, 08:29 PM
Post: #212
RE: Multiplayer
The only reason I want multiplayer to develop is because I have always wanted a multiplayer adventure mode. I have no idea how hard that would be to implement but after that’s done I couldn’t care less about multiplayer development.
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2018-01-11, 06:57 PM (This post was last modified: 2018-01-11 07:00 PM by Rykmentti.)
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RE: Multiplayer
My personal opinion for multiplayer is that, it should be implemented.

First of all I can guarantee that the game will sell more and draw more players because it will have multiplayer. Second, being able to play From the Depths with friends is absolute blast.

The way I use multiplayer is to build ships cooperatively with friends from the steam friends list or show them how to play the game while building my own ship. I also play the neter campaign with friend of mine and we design our ships and show it off to each other and see how it performs in campaign against ships of the other factions. If we encounter a roadblock (Thyr or Hydrovolt kind of ships) we brainstorm to make a ship that can beat them.

I usually never play with anyone else except people from the friends list, so in my opinion the PvP in this kind of game should be lower priority than PvE. By PvP I mean real time PvP campaigns where multiple players go across the map fighting each other for resources.

Being able to play PvP real time campaigns would be a dream come true for me but from the way I've been prowling and reading around these forums, this game sends INSANE amount of data around (calculations based on game physics and how objects interact with each other basicly) and it has to sychronize ALL of it. It would require insane amount of work to get the PvP real time campaigns working properly.

This leads to lots of desynchs even when playing with one person and the internet connection required for these kind of calculations needs to be optical(light) fiber atleast with 100-1000mbps connection minimum or you have to be in a local network to play properly and reliably.

That being said, I would strongly leave tournament style PvP into the game and what I mean with this is the idea that you design a ships and have them battle other ships in small enclosed spaces without player input.

If I were to have a right of opinion here, I would say if it becomes too hard or impossible to implement, skip all Player versus Player stuff and focus on Player versus Enviroment multiplayer aspect and focus on optimizing code based on that. Most of the players will most likely play this game to satisfy their creative urges and get satisfaction from creating their own ship and being succesful against other ships with ships they designed on their own.

What I want from this game is a RTS style game with units I designed myself with the game and being able to play the native and custom PvE campaigns desync free with friends. This would be a dream come true for me and my friends. (Oh and ofcourse multiplayer adventure mode would be awesome aswell)

So please, dont abandon PvE multiplayer.
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