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2017-03-25, 05:50 AM
Post: #171
RE: Multiplayer
(2017-03-23 01:45 AM)Flatlander80 Wrote:  And another game falls victim to the MP quagmire. I have witness too many promising games fall with the decision to support MP, rather than focus on features and game quality.

With that being said, I'm sure Nick will do an amazing job of mixing the two.
I really had hopes that Nick would be able to finish development of this wonderful game unhindered by the added complexity and restrictions of MP.

Its seems these days that the SP game is all but a thing of the past. Game sales has now cost gamers not only quality, but an entire genre of games.

I am not saying this to offend or belittle anyones opinion. Just expressing my thoughts as a long time gamer.

Sad day indeed.

Yeah, seen way to many good games chase the multiplayer dream and end up getting broken/forgotten. Most of the multiplayer I've experience in FtD ends up with everyone playing single player in the same designer.

(2017-03-23 06:46 AM)TuefelHundenIV Wrote:  I have been busy and missed this thread until recently.

Not sure if this has been said yet and I don't have a lot of time tonight to read the forum, so please forgive me if someone mentioned this and/or answered it.

Perhaps set aside Multiplayer until after the games general development is complete? After development is complete MP could be pursued as it's own project.

This has been suggested 10 billion times. It doesnt work like that. You either code with multiplayer all the way through, or you have to re-code the entire game over again to include multiplayer support.

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Yesterday, 02:21 PM
Post: #172
RE: Multiplayer
Multiplayer is a huge waste of time.

Space Pirates and Zombies 2 tried doing it, and cancelled it, its a waste of time, resources, and frankly isn't suited for a game of this complexity.
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Today, 03:10 AM
Post: #173
RE: Multiplayer
Jimmer: Well if that is the case and MP is hindering development including new features and polish with no real viable work around to limit its impediment I would quite likely axe it.
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