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Battleship Brawl, Season 3 (Accepting Submissions)
Today, 04:35 AM
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RE: Battleship Brawl, Season 3 (Accepting Submissions)
(Today 03:35 AM)localm Wrote:  I found a downside to this format. I am now too intimidated to even make an entry. Some fantastic designs here and far more effective than I could hope to create at this point.


I was going to make an entry, then I discovered that cannons will not fire at an above-45 degree angle, at least not if they are unable to shoot at the lower one. I had this whole mortar-ship design that ended up being pretty meaningless.
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Today, 05:34 AM
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RE: Battleship Brawl, Season 3 (Accepting Submissions)
You should be able to make the smallest size cram for the tournament with 1 barrel piece and be able to fire 1,500m no problem robotek.

And if your name is a play on one of the greatest old fashion anime's of all time... Go Skull Squadron.
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Today, 09:25 AM
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RE: Battleship Brawl, Season 3 (Accepting Submissions)
(Today 01:36 AM)ferram4 Wrote:  
(Today 12:22 AM)AdNecrias Wrote:  Makes me wonder if the required wins are set properly, but I guess if they spent longer the tournament would be much longer.

Guess we got a ship to beat now, before we enter things. Cheers ferram.

Tsushima didn't spend much time on the field, that's true, but it also won every one of its battles and spent 1 more battle on the field than the designs that lost each of their battles, and both have spent longer than the min 2 battles in a double elim tournament. If the number of contestants was closer to BB Season 1, I'd say that's fine, but with the huge waiting queue I think it's fine.

(Today 12:33 AM)TheBrisbyMouse Wrote:  Congratulations ferram. It was an honor to fight the first champion. Not much bad to say about it, except for the HA corner armor class cheese and propulsion exploit.

Looks good, nasty guns, and effective armor. Just one question: Where did you get the patience to tetris your turrets that well?

I wouldn't call the propulsion an exploit, it's open to the ocean as needed and has the space behind it, as needed. An exploit would have been more along the lines of placing them internally on fixed spinblocks to avoid needing the space requirements.

I also don't like the HA corner cheese, I'd rather be able to use HA beams properly, but with flotation being an issue and the huge AP values of kinetic CRAMs it's a necessary evil to make something effective.

The turrets themselves are actually surprisingly easy to tetris, especially for 2-gun designs. Remember that for a 2-gun design, the central column should be warheads / autoloaders, and for a 3-gun it should be connectors. Then start building it as a variation of the 3x3 ideal set up that branches outwards. I got a boost of 10% connections doing that and it barely touched the materials count (+-100 on a 20k turret). Most of the challenge is in keeping the guns balanced and finding good places to put ammo boxes, gauge increasers, and autoloaders that could end up going to different guns if they end up in the wrong place. It's a fun challenge.

I used your guns from Cascades on Tiberis in Squadron Shootout. I might use Tsushima guns somewhere else.

Fallen in battle, raised by technology
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