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(post your) Teaser
Today, 03:18 PM
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RE: (post your) Teaser
(Today 05:50 AM)Ramble6 Wrote:  Haven't made much lately, and really haven't touched aircraft since I started up again. So the first thing I went with is a small UCAV (unnamed at the moment) that costs less than 9k material and has a maximum velocity of 92 m/s during combat. It packs a tiny punch of 4 multipurpose missiles with a range out to 1.5 km. And to help with defense (it has no armor or decoy systems) I made sure the radar and IR detection ranges are down below 400 m (roughly) to keep missile accuracy low.

Dude! I haven't seen you in forever! Welcome back!

also heres wip stuff for the sake of the thread

[Image: ECCFD2DDAFB39A0FC9CE8812A6C8E46E44646F54]

[Image: 76561198103798282.png]

How old am I?

I'm on page four of the "Last Post Wins" thread.
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