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After Cataclysm v2.0 Preview.
2018-02-21, 04:18 PM
Post: #771
RE: After Cataclysm v2.0 Preview.
(2018-02-20 09:21 AM)Ant the Gord Wrote:  
(2018-02-19 01:52 PM)Kreuzheber Wrote:  How does thw 4 inch cannon connect to the hose?
I managed to connect all parts with the shell room and rammer but the cannon interface always says "no hose"

Oh an I have another bug like thing which I dont think has to do with your mod directly. But try spawning smth around 20-25k blocks and selecting shells for your weapons.
It's a glitched interface screen where I can see fragments it but the actual interface is not there.

Howdy, I've made an account on the forums to try and help with some of the confusion around this mod, I've lurked here for a long time though so I know a thing or 2.

The glitched interface screen is because one or more of your shell setup modules is incorrect (like it has gunpowder at the head of the shell or something like that). I got that on my battleship retrofit until I deleted all of them and remade them from scratch.

Also, for anyone that might need it (and to hopefully save some others the effort of having to do the same) I've taken a picture of the way it's supposed to be configured. The reason there's 2 yellow blocks in it is because the
hoist can be under /either/ of the hoist top blocks. In the bottom picture, notice how I have the arrows lined up.

Thanks so much for the picture man! It showed me what I was doing wrong with the setup.
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Today, 03:09 PM
Post: #772
RE: After Cataclysm v2.0 Preview.
There should be guns for every caliber added eventually, it's just taking more time than I thought. The 4" guns served as a test bed, and they've prompted me to try get some changes done to make them better overall, including the addition of an AC-AI mainframe that acts more realistically, and AC rangefinders.

Here's a look at the 6" gun I've been working on.

[Image: pa9Wosy.png]

[Image: EwYtNDC.png]
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