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Wayne Industries B-804T “Bat Cruiser”

Wayne Industries B-804T “Bat Cruiser”

By Carmen


To combat rampant illicit activities perpetuated by the corrupt Port Authority of Eriwicksburg, the Eriwick County Police Department has hired Bruce Wayne, CEO of Wayne Industries, as an external consultant for maritime security and enforcement.

With his expertise in high technology crime fighting solutions firmly anchored in decades of field experience from Gotham City, Mr. Wayne was quick to adapt proven DWG technology to create a high speed, low observable maritime interceptor for the ECPD.

Based on the proven hull planform of a world record wave-piercing trimaran, the Model 804T Bat Cruiser is a highly stable low observable platform for its complement of 90mm high velocity anti-armor cannons, quad 24mm machine guns and ten launch rails for laser guided all-aspect missiles.

Powered by trademark Wayne Industries afterburning turbofan engines, the ECPD’s new maritime interceptor is capable of speeds in excess of 50 knots.



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