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Vittorio Veneto Class

Vittorio Veneto Class

By Afjklol

Due to Mussolini’s demand for the Italian’s newest state-of-the-art battleship, Roma to participate in the event, the builders here at ‘Cantieri Riuniti dell’Adriatico’ had worked non-stop for the past couple days. Running out of time, the camouflage was left out and was quickly completed in to a presentable state.
Due to the rush, most rooms were not furnished and minimal testing was done. The only testing done was to see if the weapons were controlled by the central fire-control station on top of the conning tower.
Docking the ship at the event site was disastrous, with no anchor and ropes, the ship rammed in to competing ships when trying to dock.
3 Tug boats were sunk in the process of calming the beast.
During testing the ship was listing due to top weight, so temporary lead keel was added, though no further testing was conducted.

However, while docked overnight, the crew finished up the paint and mounted on the already assembled anchors, winches, anti-aircraft guns and boats in which they carried on board.


What direction to face the vehicle relative to the opponent: Broadside
Spawn height: 10m???
RP Cost: 7 million
The Vehicles name: Vittorio Veneto Class
Your name: Afjklol



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