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Trireme Polybolos

Trireme Polybolos

By Carmen

Triremes, with the exception of one-off capital vessels like Tessakonteres, were the largest warships of the ancient world.

Like a whisper in the wind, the mere thought of a hundred mighty triremes surging forth with elite hoplites aboard has kept invaders away from Greek shores for centuries.

The triremes of the allied city-states fought so ferociously at Artemisium and Salamis that even the mightiest of god-kings turned away, forever giving up hope of conquering Greece.

The trireme was not just a war machine, it was a promise of hope, of salvation against overwhelming odds, as heroic crews rode upon the churning waters at up to 20 knots downwind to break the lines of enemy fleets ten times their number.

Their bravery and sacrifice means that you, today, may enjoy the knowledge, the culture and the spirit of Classical Antiquity, because without these ships, there would be no Greece, no dreams of art, science, and the wonder of diplomatic government.

It is not known how these quaint vessels from classical antiquity ended up on Neter, but when questioned about the madness of wasting robotic crew on such primitive implements as oars and catapults, the vessel’s owners would simply scream in reply, that this is Sparta and naysayers would be cast forth into the bottomless pit.

Madness, you say!?


– What direction to face the vehicle relative to the opponent (Head-On, Broadside, away, etc):
Head on because the Spartans wouldn’t have it any other way even if the sun is blotted out by a million Persian arrows.
– Spawn height: Water surface
– RP Cost: 352,863
– The Vehicles name: Trireme Polybolos
– Your name (If nessesary): Carmen



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