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See Through

See Through

By TheGreenChampion

Repent MotherF*****!, the ride of the Anarchy Twins, Panty and Stocking, See Through is coming through! these badass bitches are the heroes of Daten city and are real life motherf****ing angels! smiting the infernal ghost infestation of Daten city with their god-damned (literally) undergarments! (Dont ask)


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– Land
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– See Through.
– Green.
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  • August 16, 2017
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    Leader Premier Georgy Zhukov Location Region 20,21 Assuming power following the death of Joseph Stalin, Georgy Zhukov has assumed the responsibility of reunifying the Slavic peoples under the Soviet Banner. Aware of the threats around the globe to Communism, as well as internal threats from various political opponents, Premier Zhukov is eager to keep the […]
  • USS Chevalier (Fletcher-class DD remake) August 16, 2017
    Hello all. I just got FotD this past week and finally completed my first ever ship. This is the USS Chevalier, a medium sized guided missile destroyer aesthetically inspired by the Fletcher-class DDs of WWII, particularly the USS Kidd. She has 10 torpedo tubes mounted in 2 turrets, 5 CRAM cannon turrets, 3 autocannon turrets, […]
  • Staggered Fire Help August 15, 2017
    So I got this game two days ago, after face slamming on the keyboard I've gotten the basics down about weapons and such. After nineteen failed helicopters, I decided I'd try out just modifying some of the workshop designs, and learned they were on average 4-5 times larger than my own and waaaay better. So […]
  • Competitive Multiplayer? August 15, 2017
    What if the game had a competitive multiplayer mode? Lets say you join a match and you are randomly paired with another player. The game then randomly generates a 3x3 tile map with random terrain. The players start on opposing corners of the map with a resource zone with infinite resource and a 20 per […]
  • I don't know what went wrong! August 14, 2017
    I started work on an airship yesterday, with the intent of making something rather large, akin to a zeppelin, the hope being that a sufficiently large envelope would solve, or at least, help to alleviate the lack of buoyancy of my previous attempts. That said, I've encountered a few problems (other than the obvious one […]
  • toughest in game ship to test guns against, no shields? August 14, 2017
    Title pretty much says it all. I've been using Kingstead's myself. Big, made entirely of metal/alloy and no shields. I've been experimenting with APS lately due to my interest/participation in my first tournament and needed a durable target dummy. Marauder's just don't cut it anymore at this level of firepower hehe anyone else have a […]
  • LUA poor exception handler August 14, 2017
    In short the the bug is that when given a divide by zero situtation the lua complier does NOT stop the code and produce an error, and instead gives an "inf" result which goes against coding best practice. If you do not deem this to be a bug, could you make it clear in the […]
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    Everything in the world either is or isn't a/an [insert random thing here]
  • [INFO/REQUEST] - POWAAAH!!! (Fuel engines) August 14, 2017
    Hi y'all I want to know how to build a powerful, (reasonably effiecient - 1 turbocharger) fuel engine. How do the lightning hoods have such powerful engines (apart from the fact that they drain hundreds of units of fuel per second) with such little blocks? Also, what are inline turbochargers? Examples, images, how-to-guides and blueprints […]