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Ian the Super-Rambot

Ian the Super-Rambot

By Thunderpanzer

Ian Mccollum was recording a video for Forgotten Weapons and accidentally pulled the pin of a live “chinese mystery grenade” at RIA. As a result he had to get his head implanted into a prototype version of the “Rambot” suit, with the capabilities of increasing psychic potential up to 100 times. This allowed him to fire EMP lasers out of his hands, and develop a powerful magnetic field around him to deflect bullets and howitzer shells. He also had to get his eye replaced with a bionic eye, for increased sight capabilities.
When he came back to RIA, he managed to win the auction that sold the “BrowningsBrowningsBrownings Mauser” pistol, and now that’s his trademark pistol.
Now, he must protect the world from the evil “Cobray” gun manufacturer, who’s plans are to destroy all historic weapons and replace them with Streetsweeper shotguns.


– Spawn direction: Head-on
– Spawn height: 80m above sea/terrain
– RP Cost: 1.034.951
– Vehicle’s name: Ian the Super-Rambot
– My name: ThunderPanzer



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