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Steel Pathbreaker

Steel Pathbreaker

By ThunderPanzer

The Steel Pathbreaker is a very large literal flying battleship, built as a tank to break through enemy fortifications and fleets.
It’s armament consists of 2x 2m HEAP CRAM cannons on an unique rotary turret system mounted at the side of the hull instead on top of the deck, and a single 2m CRAM mortar to cover the blind spot of the main guns.
The secondary battery consists of 12x 178mm APS cannons and 4x 1225mm CRAM cannons.
This remarkable armament goes in pair with the ship’s toughness and durability, it can withstand the most powerful barrages of enemy fire for incredible amounts of time. For this reason, this unit is always the best equipped for the front line.
Being held by the largest zeppelin available, this beast, apart from being armed to the teeth and heavily protected, it can fly over 250m above the enemy and propel itself at 90km/h or 48.5 knots using it’s powerful propellers, wich also help with turning the craft. Since we couldn’t manage to get gears all the way up there, we instead installed dedicated experimental oil engines to actuate the props. The screws were replaced with a small propeller, connected to the main boilers, actuated via gears.

– Spawn direction: Broadside
– Spawn height: 250m
– RP cost: ~1.215.000 RP
– The vehicle’s name: Steel Pathbreaker
– My name: ThunderPanzer

SteelPath1 Steelpath2



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