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Kalinin K-7 Sky Control Ship

Kalinin K-7 Sky Control Ship

By Carmen

Designed to be Soviet Russia’s answer to Nathan Zachary’s evil air pirates. the Kalinin K-7 Sky Control Ship is a 1930s bomber prototype up gunned and armored to combat armed zeppelins from a steampunk world of tomorrow. 

Featuring no less than 2 million RPs worth of pure Ural steel, and forged from the collective aspirations of the combined workers’ soviets, Kalinin K-7 is the ultimate expression of socialist virtues.

Besides having the distinction of being the only “WW2 campaign” themed unit to ever fit full sized naval gun systems, the Sky Control Ship also caters to the most distinguished of visiting dignitaries, equipped with two full-service dining rooms, four sleeping cabins, plus reception lounges and bathrooms for both ladies and gentlemen. It is also the only aircraft in the world to be equipped with ceiling fans!

– What direction? Head on
– Spawn height: 100 meters
– RP Cost: 2 million!
– The Vehicles name: Kalinin K-7 Sky Control Ship

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