Buccaneer - From The Depths




 By Rosefall

Engineered to be a mighty flying battleship equip to be DWG’s final defense against the Onyx watch. 
Rumor has it that the Buccaneer can take on 6 Moray and 2 Alkazars at the same time. This ship also has the ability to maintain altitude even when damaged below 50% health.

Just like any huge battleship that rarely see the light of day it has to bring in money for maintenance cost. As of currently, the buccaneer is operating as a flying pub for all sailors to enjoy and have a nice time! (50% off every Saturday night for all DWG vets)

Height Spawn: 300m
Direction: Broadside
RP Cost: 1.66 MIL
Block count: 9846 Blocks
Speed: 24 M/s

Buccaneer1 Buccaneer2



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