About the Game

From the Depths is a complex game which offers a huge number of features for players to explore. In this section you can find greater detail on all those cool features and get a feel for the true scope of From the Depths. This list is ever-growing and changing so keep checking back for new additions. Or if you simply cant wait head on over to our community forums and get the latest info on what's coming next.

Key Features

  • Design and build your fleet, fortresses and structures however you want. The alpha currently has over 225 unique component blocks, not including 19 different components for making missiles, torpedoes, depth charges and bombs.

  • The sky's the limit, you can equip your vehicle with - cannons, lasers, mines, bombs, missiles, torpedoes, propellers, rudders, jet engines, wings, hydrofoils, hot air balloons, anchors, fire control computers, blueprint spawners, repair bots, air pumps, automated control blocks and many, many more!

  • Realistic physics - every block destroyed or added affects the vehicle's functionality, physics and control. Drag, inertia, buoyancy and sealed compartments are all updated based on the design of your vehicle and the damage sustained.

  • RPG Skills & Progression - players will gain experience for damaging vehicles, killing other players, defeating AI or just being creative in the designer. This experience can be used to unlock upgrades for the avatar such as heavy weaponry and skills. There is also an attribute system where players can place skill points almost a dozen different attributes that affect gameplay.

  • Be part of a fantastic community, with new releases made on average twice a week. Community organised challenges and blueprint sharing make it an extremely friendly place to hang out!

Customisable Components

  • Design custom missiles, bombs, depth charges and torpedoes by combining various warheads types, fuse types, IR seekers, laser beam riders, laser designators, thrusters, navigation algorithms, fuel pods, sonar seekers, buoyancy compartments and propellers, to deliver a truly bespoke weapon.

  • Build custom cannons by combining four different barrel types and lengths with auto-loaders, warhead types, ammo boxes and auxiliary components to create everything from AA cannons to artillery.

  • Devise custom AI by combining an AI mainframe with 'AI cards' slotted into motherboard blocks. Add radar detection, laser detection and tracking and local weapon controllers to give partial or full control to AI. Create anything from a fully AI controlled aircraft carrier to a battery powered drone.

  • Construct custom engines using crank shafts, cylinders, carburettors, super chargers, exhausts and fuel injectors. Electric engines, generators and chargers are also available for backup power supplies and drones.

  • Similar systems exist for the creation of anti-vehicle and anti-missile lasers, as well as drills that can cut even the largest of battleships in half.

Campaign Mode

  • Embark on an engrossing single player campaign to defeat the eight faction houses of the planet.

  • Capture and fortify resource rich territory to secure your faction's success.

  • Create harvesting machines to gather resources and turn them into ammunition, fuel and spare parts.

  • Build, maintain and command your fleets whilst planning your strategy on every level from the fuel efficiency of an engine to influencing multi faction diplomatic relations with bribes and unprovoked attacks.

  • Take on a range of specific story driven missions to win that unlock new and advanced components.

  • Issue complex commands with a fully featured 3D waypoint system.

  • Get a birds-eye-view of the battlefield with a detailed strategic overview.


  • In From the Depths you can create almost anything you want! Enter Build Mode and spend resources to place different components from the build menu.

  • In Build Mode the player avatar is left idle and the camera follows a Build Marker that can be easily manoeuvred into position using either key or mouse led controls.

  • Using Build Mode a player can build even the largest vehicles, structures and fortresses extremely quickly - literally placing blocks as fast as they can click, and using mirrors, flood fills and prefabricated item placement to speed things up.

  • Use the Vehicle Designer to create with unlimited resources allowing you to create anything you like from a space zeppelin to an accurate reconstruction of the Bismark. Your imagination is the only limit.

  • Upload and share your creations as blueprints on the Steam Workshop will full in-game workshop support
  • Use designs you create or download from the workshop in the campaign and story game modes.


  • The various vehicles, sky fortresses and structure mounted weapons can all be player controlled, controlled through fire control computers, or given to the command of a nearby Local Weapon Controller.
  • Firing is as simple as looking towards your target and hitting fire. You can choose what weapons you want to fire by assigning them to weapon slots allowing for varied attacks.
  • The heads up display will show you exactly how many weapons of each type "can fire", "can aim", "cannot aim", and are "are in a different control quadrant". You can easily flick between missiles, torpedoes, lasers, cannons, or any combination.
  • Damage is totally localized and each block behaves differently - some are armored, some explode when destroyed. Losing a vital component of your vehicle can mean life or death so protecting your munitions supplies, engines and fuel tanks with armor is recommended.
  • Blocks when destroyed turn into debris. If you knock out a crucial block, for example a block in a mast, then the disconnected blocks will all fall off. You can literally blow a vehicle in half!
  • Battles will be fierce and unforgiving but there are many ways of repairing (or completely rebuilding) your constructs to their original state completely automatically, such as repair bots and repair tentacles (block based) and your character's repair arm utility.


  • The AI fight mode was released in July '14 and allows players to face their AI controlled designs off against each other in staged battles.

  • The co-op creative mode was first released in September '14 and allows players to use all of the utilities of the single player creative mode but with multiple players.

  • Upcoming multiplayer Modes include: Death Match, Team Death Match, King of the Hill, co-op Monster Hunter, Assault/Defend Challenges and more!